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The following are the services I currently offer.


Standardized Test Preparation: 


The number and standardized tests is too long to list or discuss here. I can help you prepare yourself for any commercial test.

I have noticed that some of these tests have a clear cultural bias against those who have not been raised in the American/British West.

Many Chinese students may understand a specific term using a dictionary-based definition when the question calls for more of a cultural understanding of how the meaning is to be understood in a particular context.

This places an additional, often unrecognized, burden on you the non-native English speaker. Working together over services like Wechat and Skype you and I will work through every type of problem that you have difficulties with.

The skills involved include:






The tests include:







Interview Preparation-Visas; Admission to Graduate, University, High School;









“Chinglish” is an imprecise term indicating that something has been spoken or written that sounds like a native Mandarin speaker was saying, or writing something, in English and the result is something that is “English” but isn’t quite standard English. The term “Chinglish” is commonly applied to ungrammatical or nonsensical English in Chinese contexts, and may have pejorative or deprecating connotations.

Beijing Speaks Foreign Languages Program (BSFLP) chairperson Chen Lin, in talking about the 2008 Olympics, said, “We want everything to be correct. Grammar, words, culture, everything. Beijing will have thousands of visitors coming. We don’t want anyone laughing at us.”

Any text that your office or business puts out in English that isn’t edited by a native speaker runs a huge risk of containing Chinglish. The risk runs from the harmless nonsensical, through delightfully poetic, on to embarassingly crude or stupid. One person wrote that “it truly is bizarre that so many organizations in China are willing to chisel English translations into stone, paint them on signs, print them on business cards, and expose them permanently to the world without making any effort to check whether they are right.” []

Do you need any of these reactions to your text, be it a book, a pamphlet, or sign?


chinglish4 chinglish5

chinglish1 chinglish2 chinglish3


Common causes for Chinglish include:


  1. Doing things on the cheap to save a few hundred 元;
  2. Lack of concern about quality;
  3. Unprofessionalism;
  4. Overconfidence in English Language abilities;
  5. Not including native English speakers in the translation, or editing, process;
  6. Dictionary translation: translating Chinese to English word for word;
  7. Use of machine translation with no post-editing;
  8. Competently translated text which has been subsequently edited by non-native speakers;
  9. Linguistic differences and mother tongue interference;
  10. Different thinking patterns and culture ;
  11. Outdated Chinese-English dictionaries and textbook-style English;
  12. Mediocre English-language teaching and lack of English-language environment;
  13. Dictionary translation and use of machine translation with no post-editing



If your company, or office, wants to have signs in English, it is important that the English be done in a standard English way, not a “Chinglishy” way. Otherwise your company runs the risk of being laughed at.


Some examples of at-risk instances of Chinglish:



Company names


Government texts


Warnings and cautions


Sales materials




Writing Coach: 


Take a look at these items elsewhere on this website:

You will be able to see the personalized touch I bring to both correcting texts and instructing writers on how to improve their style and fixing persistent systematic errors.

  • Bad Writing [Before and After]
  • Personal Statement [Before and After]
  • Statement of Purpose, Admissions Essay [Before and After]
  • Recommendation Letter [Before and After]
  • Term Papers [Before and After]
  • Theses and Dissertation Revisions [Before and After]
  • Medical Paper [Before and After]
  • Scientific and Engineering Papers [Before and After]



Research Services: 


If you are a student situated in Mainland China without a VPN, you do not have access to the full and complete internet.

You are denied access. Access is critical to your personal freedom, development, and/or knowledge. The resources you are being denied are critical to your success inside China and in the outside world.

Serious, world-class, research is unavailable to you. You are missing a lot, more than you will ever know, but mostly the ability to not only “study” , but understand the world. China is big, but the world is bigger.

I charge 200 RMB an hour for research.

It is my experience that most papers need less than 5 hours of research and that only dissertations and theses require more.

This is how it would work.

It is a ‘back and forth’ process.

You begin by telling me what you are working on, showing me what you have and telling me what you want.

I do 30 minutes of research and get the results to you.

You review it and tell me what is of value and what isn’t and what more you want.

We will discuss what you need.

I will provide complete text and citations for you and, if agreed upon, a gramatically correct English language summary and description.

Custom Tutoring: 


Custom tutoring is exactly that.

You know what you know and you may know what you don’t know. But there are many things that you don’t know that you don’t know.

You want to learn something and I can help you.

After we discuss your personalized needs we will design a customized study plan and schedule.

Translation Services You Can Trust.