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If you are a student situated in Mainland China without a VPN, you do not have access to the full and complete internet.

You are denied access. Access is critical to your personal freedom, development, and/or knowledge. The resources you are being denied are critical to your success inside China and in the outside world.

Serious, world-class, research is unavailable to you. You are missing a lot, more than you will ever know, but mostly the ability to not only “study” , but understand the world. China is big, but the world is bigger.

I charge 200 RMB an hour for research.

It is my experience that most papers need less than 5 hours of research and that only dissertations and theses require more.

This is how it would work.

It is a ‘back and forth’ process.

You begin by telling me what you are working on, showing me what you have and telling me what you want.

I do 30 minutes of research and get the results to you.

You review it and tell me what is of value and what isn’t and what more you want.

We will discuss what you need.

I will provide complete text and citations for you and, if agreed upon, a grammatically correct English language summary and description.

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