Really ‘Bad’ Sentences written by non-native English speakers, 13

Really bad sentences

The unedited original is followed by version replacing nouns with capital letters to reveal sentence structure.

  1. A Wavelet Decomposition and Polynomial Fitting-Based Method for the Estimation of Time-Varying Residual Motion Error in Airborne Interferometric SAR.

An A and B C for the D of E in F.

  1. Adding Zn to the Cu-Ni-Si alloy increases the growth and coarsening rate of the particles mainly because of the increased diffusivity D of the δ-Ni2Si particles in the matrix.

Adding A to the B increases the C and D of the E mainly because of the E of the F in the G.

  1. After homogenizing at 440℃ for 8 h and annealing at 300℃ for 1 h, yield strength, ultimate strength, elongation to failure and exfoliation corrosion rank are 196 MPa, 360 MPa, 20.2% and PA (slight pitting corrosion) in Al-Mg-Mn alloy, and reach 316 MPa, 440 MPa, 17.0% and PA in Al-Mg-Mn-Sc-Zr alloy, respectively, revealing that high strength, high ductility and admirable corrosion resistance of Al-Mg-Mn alloys can be achieved by the synergetic effects of Sc and Zr microalloying and heat treatment.

After A at B for C and D at E for F, G, H, I to J and K are L, M, N and O (P) in Q, and reach R, S, T and U in V, respectively, revealing that W, X and Y of Z can be achieved by the AA of BB and CC.

  1. Based on the characteristics of the strong volatility of physical property in vertical direction, high gas content, high resource abundance and large exploitation potentiality of coal reservoir in Bide-Santang basin of China coal field, we study the generation mechanism of interlayer interference, propagation rules of reservoir pressure drop and influencing factors of gas productivity in CBM multi-seam drainage in the paper.

Based on the A of the B of C in D, E, F and G of H in J of K, we study the L of M, N of O and P of Q in R in the S.

  1. Due to the limitations and availability of training corpora which are usually sparsely and imprecisely labeled with concept groundtruth, training-based refinement methods for semantic indexing of visual media suffer in correctly capturing relationships between concepts, including co-occurrence and ontological relationships.

Due to the A and B of C which are usually D and E with F for G of H suffer in correctly capturing I between J, including K and L.

  1. Due to their fantastic mechanical and high-temperature resistant properties, SiC fibers with electrical resistivity of different orders of magnitude are of great interest for the fabrication of advanced composites with electromagnetic wave absorbent performance as both structural and functional materials.

Due to their A and B Cs, D with E of F of G are of great H for the I of J with K as both K and L Ms.

  1. Due to their fantastic mechanical and high-temperature resistant properties, SiC fibers with electrical resistivity of different orders of magnitude are of great interest for the fabrication of advanced composites with electromagnetic wave absorbent performance as both structural and functional materials.

Due to their A and B Cs, D with E of F of G are of great H for the I of J with K as both K and L Ms.

  1. HIV-infected people who inject drugs (PWID) on antiretroviral treatment (ART) abstaining drugs or in methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) had significant reduced mortality.

A, who inject B on C or in D had E.

  1. In the present paper, the aging precipitation and coarsening of disk-like δ-Ni2Si particles in Cu and Cu-10Zn alloys aged at 450 °C have been investigated by hardness, electric resistivity measurement and transmission electron microscopy observation.

In the A, the B and C of D in E and F alloys aged at G have been investigated by H, I and J.

  1. In the temperature range of 220–300 °C, 280 °C would be chose as the optimal low microwave modified temperature concerning at which the dechlorination ratio was high and ratio of HCl to volatiles was relatively high as well; The use of microwave absorbents of graphite and silicon carbide (SiC) had a pronounced effect on the dechlorination of organochloride waste mixture, and the dechlorination ratio was increased significantly which could be reached to 87%, almost 20% higher than absorbent absent sample; The heating rate should set be not too fast nor too slow, and there was no big difference between the heating rate of 13 °C/min and 15 °C/min; The content of Cl of modified SRF is dramatically decreased and reaches to a low level 0.328%.

In the A of , C would be chose [sic] as the D at which E was F and G ratio of H to I was relatively J as well; The K of L of M and N had a pronounced O on the P of Q, and the R was increased significantly which could be reached to S, almost 20% higher than T; The U should set be not too V nor too W, and there was no big X between the Y of Z and AA; The BB of CC of modified DD is dramatically decreased and reaches to DD.

  1. In this article, we investigated printability and conductivity of silver pastes with silver wires of different diameters and content, and the conductivity of the silver pastes cured at different temperatures filled with different types silver powders and silver wires.

In this A, we investigated B and C of D with E or F and G and the H of the I cured at J filled with K and L.

  1. In this manuscript, we developed a new way for preparation of an emerging composite by means of Sb2O3 as a media linking Sb2Se3 and attapulgite together, and finally won an emerging composite Sb2Se3/Sb2O3@attapulgite, which presented an excellent catalytic properties for catalytic hydrogenation of p-nitrophenol.

In this A, we developed a B for C of a D by means of E as an F linking G and H, and finally won an I which presented a J for K of L.

  1. In this study, graphene was successfully prepared at the reducing temperature of ambient temperature by oxidation reduction process using a green reducing agent and an attempt was made to fabricate graphene/W70Cu30 composites by mechanical alloy and pressureless infiltration sintering technology.

In this A, B was successfully prepared at C of D by E using a F and a G was made to fabricate H by I and J.

  1. On the basis of the actual production data of X-2 well of Zhucang syncline in Bide-Santang basin, by simulating the gas production process of a CBM well under the condition of multiple seam with COMET3 numerical simulation software, we analyze the influencing factors of gas productivity during the process of multi-seam drainage, and illuminate the interlayer interference mechanism of multi-seam drainage.

On the A of the B of C of D in E, by F the G of H under the I of J, we analyze K of L during M of N, and illuminate the O of P.

  1. Quality of information is crucial for decision-makers to judge the battlefield situations and design the best operation plans, however, real intelligence data are often incomplete and noisy, where missing links prediction methods and spurious links identification algorithms can be applied, if modeling the complex military organization as the complex network where nodes represent functional units and edges denote communication links.

A of B is crucial for C to judge the D and design the E, however, F are often G and H, where I and J can be applied, if K the L as the M where N represent O and P denote Q.

  1. Southwest oil and gas company green exploitation of oil and gas engineering technology innovation practice the strategy of “green environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction”, oriented by the enterprise needs and national policy, independent intellectual property rights to develop efficient green environmental protection technology as the main line, to carry out comprehensive integration, system innovation, focus on strengthening the fracturing fluid flowback, formation water and drilling waste technology research; Increase capital investment, encourage employees to explore innovation, build a complete and reliable complete environmental protection system, through continuous pilot learn, form green efficient sustainable technology innovation system, to create green of the oil and gas field development goals provide powerful technical support.

A and B C of D and E practice the F of “F, H and I”, J by the K and L, M to develop N as the O, to carry out P, Q, focus on R the S, T and U; Increase V, encourage W to explore X, build a Y, through Z, form AA, to create of the BB provide CC.

  1. Taking Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain as an example of the scenic spot, through sina micro-blog API to grab data and using the concentration index, spatial autocorrelation and other research methods, in this paper, we examined travelers’ behavior model, tourist source’s spatial structure characteristics and spatial structure characteristics of tourism nodes from the dual perspective of spatial and temporal.

Taking A as a B of the C through D to grab E and using F, G and H, in this I, we examined J, K, L, M and N of O from the P of Q.

  1. The optimized anode delivers the discharge capacity of 93.7 mAh g−1 and 74.2 mAh g−1 at rates of 10C and 20C, 22.5 mAh g−1 and 50.0 mAh g−1 larger than that of LiTi2(PO4)3@carbon.

The A delivers the B of C and D at rates of E and F, G and H larger than ‘that’ of I.

  1. The proposed method consists of partitioning the half-space using an auxiliary circle that encloses tightly the cavity, representing the motion in each region by a convenient expansion, and determining the coefficients of expansion by imposing continuity of stresses and displacements on the auxiliary circle, which is a transparent boundary.

The A consists of B the C using and D that encloses the E representing the F in each G by H and determining the I of J by imposing K of L and M on N, which is an O.

  1. The value of D of the δ-Ni2Si particles in the Cu-xZn (x = 0, 10 wt.%) matrix and the Cu/δ-Ni2Si interfacial energy γ are independently calculated by using the Lifshitz–Slyozov–Wagner theory which was extended to include disk-like particles by Boyd and Nicholson.

The A of B of the C in the D and the E are calculated using the F which was extended to include G by H and I.

  1. The values of D and γ increase from 0.77 × 10⁻¹⁹ to 2.21 × 10⁻¹⁹ m²/s and 0.19 to 0.63 J/m², respectively, when Zn is added to the Cu-Ni-Si alloy.

The A of B and C increase from D to E and F to G, respectively, when H is added to the I.

  1. There has been an available effective means of extinction-based exposure psychotherapy for the treatment of anxiety disorders, such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that has been hypothesized to result from impaired extinction of fear memory.

There has been an A of B for C of D, such as E, that has been hypothesized to F from G of H.

  1. We utilized the distance correlation as the measurement of the relevance to construct the gene co-expression networks in both gastric cancer and normal tissue datasets respectively, also to define the complex interactions among genes with nonlinear property preserved and examine from the genes that have important roles in the gastric cancer formation.

We utilized the A as the B of the C to construct the D in both E and F respectively also to define the G among H with I preserved and examine the J that have K in the L.

  1. With the development of modern society and modern education, according to the characteristics of traditional teaching their own disadvantages and the development of students, English curriculum reform and the differences of education as a kind of modern education theory comprehensively reflected in English education (Bowman Burke and Mack, 2016).

With the A of B and C, according to the E of F their G and H of I, J and the K of L as an M of N in O.

Source: A Fuzzy Neural Network Model of Stratified English Teaching

Some of the above sentences were taken from papers that I no longer have the cite for.

Not so much “bad” as delightful errors.

The beautiful mountains and waters are amazed here, and so is the unique and charming customs of Dong people.


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